Sunday, May 31, 2015

Ep 4 Kevin Costner with Sean Faust

Hey friends! It's time for a new episode of That Movie Podcast with Bob and Jason!

This time, it's about Kevin Costner! The movies: The Postman, Silverado, and 3000 miles to Graceland. We had the honor of having our good friend Sean Faust as a guest on this episode, and boy, was it fun! We had some good conversations, and a little too much to drink...  So if you like laughing drunk people, this episode is for you!

Sean is an amazing musician from New Jersey, and all the music on this episode was written and performed by him! You can find all his work on iTunes, CDBaby, and his website,!  Also, find him on facebook at, and on twitter @seanfaust!

 Go check out his stuff! It's awesome!

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