Friday, January 29, 2016

Ep 18: Trust The Fungus! (Super Mario Bros.)

Get ready for one blue shell of a movie!
This week we're reviewing Super Mario Bros!

Is it a 1up, or a total Bob-omb? Click your Thwomp Stompers, get yourself a Koopa special pizza, and listen as we circle the drain and trust the fungus with Stacey among us as we overtake Dinohattan! Will Bob ever forgive us? Will Jason walk the dinosaur? Will Matt ever figure out how to words? Find out, on That Movie Podcast!
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New intro by our very own Matt!

All music used in the show was written, recorded, and performed by Amandolin Rostykus. Check out her stuff!

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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Dudes Nudes ep4 SPOILER WARNING! Star Wars The Force Awakens


Our *SPOILERIFIC* review of Star Wars: Episode VII! is here!

Listen as Old Bob Kenobi, Matt Kanata, and Stacey3PO try to prevent Jason as he assumes control of the Porcelain Senate and rises as Lord Poopatine!

Now THIS is podcasting!
Get the spoiler filled goodness here!

All music used on the show was written, performed, and recorded by Amandolin Rostykus.

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